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Renting issues you may encounter

The perfect alternative to buying a home when you do not have enough savings or credits to buy one is renting. Even so, there are some negatives that come with renting property. Normally, they are universal renting issues. When you rent a place, you should prepare to encounter issues about the apartment while making some compromises.

Common challenges of renting out an apartment include

Plumbing issues

When you are a tenant, you have to pay attention to the plumbing system. Avoid flushing any diapers, wipes and paper towels down the drainage system. If you have an unavoidable plumbing emergency you should report it to the landlord. They are responsible for fixing the issue. Check with the landlord and contract to ensure it is their duty before calling them to fix it.

Zero privacy

It does not matter whether you have your home or not, you will always expect some privacy in your home.  The issue is, some landlords become very possessive with their property. Most like to drop in and check on the condition of the home and this can be very annoying. There is not much you can do about privacy when you are living in a rental.

Noisy neighbours

There is a high chance that you will come across a very annoying neighbour.  Some people love to play loud music, bring people around and have parties 24/7.  If you love to keep pets, they will be restless almost all the time and make your life a living nightmare.  You will have to talk to your neighbours and come to a middle ground but not everyone is willing to listen.


Rental property is acts as a hedge against inflation but only on the part of the owner. Rental housing becomes very expensive, especially when the cost of the market price increases. The landlords will increase the rental price without considering the conditions. You find yourself renting a place that does not match its actual value simply because you do not have that many options.

 The pest infestations

This depends on the location of your apartments. There is a high chance that pests will hide in your kitchen counters, under the bed and around your drainage system. You have to carry out some regular cleaning to keep the pets away.

Large deposits

Sometimes landlords will ask for huge deposits which essentially limits your options to find the perfect home. Some will even ask you for rent that covers an acceptable period of time. The deposits protect the landlord from any damages you may cause in the property. It is returned to you when you exit the property. Make sure you leave the home the way you left it to get your full amount of deposit you paid.

Unsafe environments

Unfortunately, some rental buildings are not in very safe environments. Generally, as a tenant, you are partially in charge of your own security. You have to ensure that all the windows and doors are lockable and that you lock them every time you leave the area.  If there is any fault in your home, make sure they are dealt with before you actually move out there.